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Starvel International Ltd, is a well recognized company currently supplying the Russian market and the market of St. Petersburg with raw materials for confectionery industry and for organizations producing baked breads and other goods as well as producers of chocolate coatings and glazes.

By supplying raw materials straight from foreign producers and manufacturers directly to our clients, we have the ability to provide these clients with a flexible discount policy . We supply the following assortment of raw materials: cocoa beans, various kinds cocoa powders, natural as well as alkalized, specialty fats, coconut oil, palm oil, lecithin, as well as a large variety of high quality Swiss pectin's. Starvel International Ltd, is a sole distributor of pektin for Obipektin, which we provide for the confectionery and diary products.

Our products are used by many leading organizations in all the regions of Russia.

The worthiness of our company is evident in the individual way we approach each of our clients requests, which is the main principal of our company. We are ready to supply our clients with required raw materials and provide samples and any accompanying documentation and certification for analysis and testing of products in client's laboratories, and prompt courteous delivery.

We are ready to provide any consultations as to the products we supply. We have a very leading technologist and managers that can answer all technical questions.

Starting on January 1, 2003 our company has expanded the services available to our clients. We have established an affiliate office in Moscow and now our clients in that region can have direct deliveries from the stock in Moscow affiliate office.

Starvel International is oriented towards mutually beneficial long term cooperation with leading producers. Our aim is to supply confectionery factories and small producers with quality raw materials, which will enable a fruitful development of the Russian food industry.

Assortment of the available products:
  1. cocoa beans, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor
  2. specialty fats
  3. coconut oil
  4. palm oil
  5. lecithin
  6. pektins
  7. fruit granuels
In 1991, Starvel International Ltd., established its presence as a supplier of large assortment of high quality ingredients for various food industries in Russia. Currently our regular clients include the large producers of food products in the whole territory of Russia.

Starvel International Ltd., offers the following ingredients for the food industry:
  • cocoa beans
  • various types of cocoa powders
  • specialty fats for the food industry
  • coconut oil
  • palm oil
  • lecithin
  • a large spectrum of pektins for the confectionery, diary and other producers.
The products that Starvel International Ltd. offers, reflect the current needs of the changing market. We are constantly upgrading our assortment of offered products, according to the needs of our clients and their market.

We are ready to offer qualified technical support, provide recommendations and recipes for an end product as well as samples. Our Western partners are aslo ready to offer answers to any technical questions, develop custom ingredients, and visit potential clients to resolve any production difficulties should they occur. An individual approach to every clients needs is our main business principal.

The whole spectrum of offered products is always available at our warehouses in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow. Starvel International Ltd., provides fast and trustworthy delivery to any region of Russia using all available transportation methods. With every delivery we provide all the necessary certification for that particular product.

Starvel International Ltd., also provides assistance to clients in choosing a high quality and economically suitable product for every individual production process and realizes a quick delivery of the product. Ingredients created on the basis of the world leading producers can increase the production of a higher quality end product. Therefore, Starvel International orients itself on a long term mutually beneficial cooperation with the industry producers that focus on the enrichment and development of the Russian food industry.

We welcome your cooperation.


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